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StoryFutures: Xperience

Free · A world of immersive experiences


2 – 21 April 2024


StoryFutures: Xperience

Free · A world of immersive experiences

2 – 21 April 2024


Calling all virtual reality and immersive storytelling fans!

Wales Millennium Centre have partnered with StoryFutures to bring Xperience to Bocs – our dedicated venue for new forms of storytelling.

Xperience provides multiple engaging VR experiences, which StoryFutures has worked with a range of incredible partners to reversion and reimagine.

The StoryFutures Xperiences cover diverse themes including music, sport and climate change and range from beautifully animated 360 films to full interactive immersive experiences. 

The VR experiences and Partner Companies:

Missing 10 Hours

M10H (Missing 10 Hours) is a narrative VR project with several possible endings, which has been developed in consultation with psychologists and experts. The visitor witnesses Mara, a 22-year-old woman, gradually losing control of her actions. She has been unwillingly drugged with the date rape drug GHB, which is most frequently used for sexually motivated attacks.

The power to change how the night unfolds is in the visitor’s hands. But will they stay on the ethical pathway if other characters reveal new possibilities? During the multi-ending storyline, the user has to think, react, and challenge themselves.

Produced by: Electric Skies & RumeX | Suitable for over 18s

Duration: 15 minutes

Theme/Topic: Drink Spiking, Safe Spaces, Women’s Rights, RPG

Content warning: Alcohol, drugs, bullying and harassment.


Buried in the Rock

Experience the world of caving through the eyes of speleologists Tim and Pam Fogg who are passionate about exploring some of the world’s last remaining pristine environments.

Set in Northern Ireland, this is a portrait of two passionate individuals and what drives them to discover new cave passages despite the dangers, darkness and the unknown that lays ahead. The entire dramatic Tullyard cave system is revealed in stunning miniature detail capturing the otherworldly formations and sounds within the cave.

Suitable for all VR audiences | Produced by: ScanLAB Projects

Duration: 12 minutes

Theme/Topic: Caving, Nature, Adventure

Accessibility: English subtitles on/off Suitable in a wheelchair.

Empire Soldiers

Empire Soldiers tells the captivating stories of South Asian and Caribbean soldiers in World War One and beyond. As the journey progresses to the present day, focus turns to the changes of the last 100 years, and the impact of migration on the world today.

Through VR and 360°, hear the captivating stories of the battlefield, exploring themes of identity, loyalty, empire, and betrayal. As the journey continues to the present day, focus turns to the changes of the last 100 years, and the impact of migration on the world today.

Suitable for all VR audiences | Produced by: MBD 

Duration: 2×10 minutes 

Theme/Topic: War, History, Racism/ Equality, Overcoming Adversity, Spoken Word 

Content Warning: Loud distressing sound effects and strong language.

Goliath: Playing with Reality

Through mind-bending animation, explore the limits of reality and a true story of mental health and the power of gaming. Echo (narrated by Tilda Swinton) guides you through the many realities of Goliath, a man who spent years in isolating mental health institutions but finds connection in multiplayer games.

Combining heart-felt dialogue, mesmerising visuals and symbolic interactions, weave through multiple worlds to uncover Goliath's poignant story. Created by Anagram, winners of the 2015 Tribeca Film Festival Storyscapes award, the 2019 Sandbox Immersive Art award, and part of the Best VR in 2019 at the Venice International Film Festival.

Suitable for 16+ | Produced by: Anagram 

Duration: 9 minutes 

Guardian size: Stationary boundary/2x2m 

Theme/Topic: Mental Health (Schizophrenia), Overcoming Adversity

Content warning: This experience deals with severe mental health issues. Contains strong language.


Get Punked!

Delve into Alex’s teenage diary from the 1970s and 80s. Get Punked as you discover the world of punk music from her mum’s living room to a basement dive bar.

Suitable for all VR audiences | Produced by: Visualise

Duration: 10 minutes

Theme/Topic: Music (Punk), History

Content warning: N/A

Hi(story) of a Painting

(Hi)story of a Painting: What’s the Point? journeys into the story behind La Grande Jatte, an iconic painting by Georges Seurat that we all know, but don’t truly know, until now.

The VR environment comes to life with imagery illustrating the narrative and gives a sense of the scale of the artwork, allowing anyone, from anywhere in the world, to form an intimate bond with La Grande Jatte. Follow us as we learn how Georges went from underdog to world- renowned artist.

Suitable for all VR audiences | Produced by: Fat Red Bird & Monkeyframe

Duration: 9 minutes

Theme/Topic: Art. History

Content warning: N/A


Based on the remarkable true story of an aspirational parent called Syd, and their ground-breaking journey through the adoption process in the UK, experiencing first-hand the highs and lows of a dream shared by so many.  After years of setbacks and rejections, Syd gets matched with a child, Ollie, and in the process helps redefine the meaning of family.

Suitable for all VR audiences | Produced by: Electric Skies

Duration: 10 minutes

Theme/Topic: Family, Adoption, LGBTQ+

Content warning: Flying motion (possible nausea)


Monoliths interweaves radiant renderings of three northern UK environments (a moor, a city, and a coast), with sweeping soundscapes and poetic monologues by Hannah Davies, Carmen Marcus and Asma Elbadawi. At once imaginative and immersive, this XR experience is an arresting testament to the inextricable link between person and place.

Monoliths has been nominated at the BFI London Film Festival for ‘Best Immersive Art and XR Award 2022’, and featured at the Melbourne International Film Festival, Aesthetica Short Film Festival, Sheffield DocFest 2022, and re;publica digital festival in Berlin.

Suitable for all VR audiences | Produced by: Pilot Theatre 

Duration: 12 minutes

Guardian size: Stationary boundary

Theme/Topic: Landscape, Poetry, Womens’ Stories, Strength

Content Warning: N/A



Laika was the first living creature sent by humans into space. Overnight, an unwanted and unloved stray that had survived on the streets of Moscow became the most famous dog in the world. Adapted from Nick Abadzis’ 2007 graphic novel, Laika is a tragic tale of love, deep humanity and a mission that heralded a new age of information, technology and the race for military supremacy.

Suitable for all VR audiences | Produced by: StoryFutures

Duration: 18 minutes

Theme/Topic: True story, Space travel

Content warning: Heights, Enclosed space, Animal danger and death


Mrs Sherlock Holmes

The game is afoot! Join the Baker Street Irregulars in Sherlock Holmes's study at 221B Baker Street to enjoy a witty musical conversation between three key women in the life of the Great Detective, Mr Sherlock Holmes.

In this immersive musical theatre experience, Irene Adler, Mrs Watson, and Mrs Hudson take centre stage to relate Sherlock Holmes’s final confrontation with the evil Professor Moriarty at the Reichenbach Falls. Mr Sherlock Holmes has returned to Baker Street after a three-year absence. We suggest what might have happened in the interim...

Suitable for all VR audiences | Produced by: Dillmeadow Media

Duration: 13 minutes

Guardian size: Stationary boundary

Theme/Topic: Musical, Fiction

Content warning: Gunshot sound effects.

Life Cycles

Life Cycles takes you on a journey through time, exploring the effect that two wheels and a frame can have on the very fabric of our culture. Try turning the cinemascope, pumping up a tyre and activating the city via the magic of hand tracking.

Suitable for all VR audiences | Produced by: Surround Vision

Duration: 10 minutes

Theme/Topic: History, Cycling

Content warning: N/A

Locker room: Rumble in the Jungle

We’re taking you back. Waaaaaaaaaaaaay back. To 1974. To a place called Zaire. To The Rumble in the Jungle. LockerRoom invites you to become Muhammad Ali moments before the biggest fight of his life. Enter the most sacred space in all of sports, the Locker Room. Run drills, interact with authentic 3D objects, and immerse yourself in Ali and his corner man's journey that brought them to this pivotal moment.

Immerse yourself in authentic archive material and interact with digital twins of original memorabilia, including the infamous ‘split glove’ worn by Ali versus UK heavyweight champion Henry Cooper.

Suitable for all VR audiences | Produced by: Rematch

Duration: 12 minutes

Theme/Topic: Boxing, History, Humanitarian causes, Civil rights

Content warning: Floating (may cause a sense of imbalance).

StoryTrails: The Peoples’ Map

StoryTrails: The People’s Map is a selection of stories from our immersive cinema spatial map from our tour. These maps were produced by curating a selection of amazing audio stories from the people in each town and city and attaching these audio stories to a series of 3D models of different places, objects, and people across the UK.

Suitable for all VR audiences | Produced by: ISO & StoryFutures

Duration: 1 film approx. 15 mins

Theme/Topic: Real life stories

Content warning: May cause slight Nausea. Mild language. Some people may find 3D scans disturbing.

The Longest Walk

The Longest Walk is an emotionally resonant biographical walking simulator game that delves into the journey of a father living with depression. Through intimate monologue taken from an interview with the game’s subject, and visually striking vignettes created from LiDAR scans of the real-world locations mentioned, this experience provides a raw and honest exploration of depression and suicidal ideation.

Originally created by Alexander Tarvet and released for PC in 2022, The Longest Walk has garnered acclaim for its poignant exploration of complex topics related to mental health, earning a Scottish BAFTA nomination for Best Game.

Suitable for all VR audiences | Produced by: Somewhat Unsettling

Duration: 10 minutes

Theme/Topic: Mental Health (Depression), Overcoming Adversity `

Content Warning: Strong language and potentially triggering topics like depression and suicide. May cause slight nausea.

This is Your Country Too

We embody a teenager reflecting on his time trapped in the stateless limbo of UK airport immigration - like Tom Hanks in that movie: The Terminal.

This Is Your Country Too is an interactive comedy adapted from a BBC Radio play. It’s a satire on the immigration system or how our identity is ultimately defined by strangers. It’s based on the experiences of post-colonial Asian migrants from East Africa, whose British citizenship was downgraded by the UK government in the 1960s in reaction to the sudden influx of thousands of non-white subjects.

Suitable for all VR audiences | Produced by: Strictly Immersive

Duration: 13 minutes

Theme/Topic: Immigration, Racism/Equality, Humour, Overcoming Adversity

Content warning: N/A

UnEarthed: The Beetle Story

UnEarthed: The Beetle Story is Designed to inspire people to respect, protect and restore the planet, The Beetle Story is one sequence of a multi-story adventure, set across the Amazon and the Tongass National Forest.

The player is a new research assistant, following ‘The Professor’ - the world’s leading biodiversity expert - to gather research and learn about biodiversity. The Professor is played by Indira Varma (HBO’s Game of Thrones, Disney+’s Obi-Wan Kenobi) and guiding throughout is the Ecobot, Hazzi, a droid created by the Professor, voiced by Richard Ayoade (Pixar’s Soul, Disney+’s The Mandalorian).

Suitable for all VR audiences | Produced by: Factory42

Duration: 15 minutes

Theme/Topic: Environment, Adventure

Content warning: Flying motion (possible nausea).

When Something Happens

"When Something Happens..." is a virtual reality short film that takes the user on an epic journey through the history of the cosmos via the medium of poetry, music, and stylised animation. The laws of astrophysics are vast complex and sometimes overwhelming. Our very existence is instantly crushed into perspective once we try to fathom the breadth of our expanding universe.

We are going to summarise this history and evoke an emotional response from the viewers. We are aiming to immerse an audience with a 360-experience incorporating a unique soundtrack, animation, and cutting-edge technology.

Suitable for all VR audiences | Produced by: Boom Clap Play

Duration: 8 minutes

Theme/Topic: Science, History, Spoken Word

Content warning: There are some flashing images in the first scene, but no strobing.

Off The Record

A VR archival exploration celebrating British South Asians and their rich musical heritage. This experience charts the rise of Bhangra and the Asian Underground from the 1970s to the joyous daytime raves of the early 2000s.

Suitable for all VR audiences | Produced by: No Ghost

Duration: 10 minutes

Theme/Topic: Music (Bhangra), History

Content warning: Flashing and strobe lights (last section-Live Gig)

The Museum of Imagined Futures

Step into The Museum of Imagined Futures which exhibits predictions for the future and enables visitors to step forward in time to get a glimpse of how humans and technology might live in balance with nature.

Suitable for all VR audiences | Produced by: Indigo Storm and Studio ANRK

Duration: 9 minutes

Theme/Topic: Environment

Content warning: Heights and slight nausea due to shrinking motion in Forest section



Promenade immerses the viewer into a series of de-constructed city scenes to tell the untold story of artist Mike Hajtoullis’ background, transcending from second generation Greek Cypriot immigrant restaurant worker in the heyday of 1950s Blackpool to become an influential RCA Textile Designer and Master Printmaker.

Suitable for all VR audiences | Produced by: Shroom Studio

Duration: 10 minutes

Theme/Topic: Art, Blackpool, Immigration

Content warning: Visually stimulating environment with moving black and white geometric shapes

Three Lights

Three Lights is an interactive, virtual reality, wartime drama about the lives of three British soldiers, one month after the Battle of the Somme. A sometimes gritty, sometimes magical, but always authentic, exploration of family, love and life in World War 1.

Suitable for all VR audiences | Produced by: Virtus Studios and Electric Skies

Duration: 9 minutes

Theme/Topic: History, War

Content warning: Images and discussion of war

"It’s just brilliant to see these immersive opportunities being presented and made available for everyone."

Bocs Visitor

Opening times:
Mon – Sat 11am – 6.30pm (last entry 6pm)
Sun 11am – 4.30pm (last entry 4pm)

No need to book, just pop in.

Capacity: The capacity for each experience is limited so you may need to wait at busy times.

Age guidance: VR is not recommended for under 10s. Under 16s must be accompanied by an adult aged 18 or over. Please refer to each individual experience for more detailed age guidance and warnings.

StoryFutures Xperience is supported by the BFI, awarding National Lottery funding


Virtual Reality (VR) is the use of computer technology to create a simulated world. Guests wear a headset with integrated over the ear headphones.


This is a free walk-in experience, no need to book.


Spectacles may be worn under the VR headset however it may be more comfortable to wear contact lenses or go without your glasses for the experience.


Most people do not experience any negative reactions to Virtual Reality. However, VR may be disorientating for individuals who are neurodiverse, have hearing or sight impairments, or experience vertigo, epilepsy, dizziness, seizures, motion sickness or fainting.

If you are pregnant or have a pacemaker, please consult with your GP before taking part.

Trained facilitators will be on hand to provide support and guidance throughout the experience should you require it.

We thoroughly clean and sanitise all equipment, including headsets and headphones, with hospital-grade antibacterial wipes and a UV machine before each use. We request that you use the hand sanitiser provided on arrival.

Under 16s must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. VR is not recommended for under 10s.

Babies in slings are not permitted inside the experience.

Any guests arriving for the experience who are under the influence of alcohol or drugs will not be permitted to take part.

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